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Spring Meeting Held at Full Gospel Osaka Church a Great Success


Dr. Cho's Message Heard Live across Japan through Internet Transmission

On April 14, "a blessed spring meeting with Dr. Cho" was held at Full Gospel Osaka Church, which has been working to help bring 10 million Japanese souls to Jesus. The meeting was coordinated with DCEM and organized by Full Gospel Osaka Church, the host. Congregations from many churches worshiped together, including Full Gospel Tokyo Church, which is associated with Full Gospel Asia Assembly in Japan.

Dr. Cho's message was transmitted live through the Internet. Many pastors from Nippon Revival Association (NRA) and from Korean Missionary Association (KMA) in Japan also attended the meeting.

It had been 11 years since Dr. Cho had been the guest speaker at Full Gospel Osaka Church for its 11th anniversary celebration on October 27, 1999, so people thronged about from early morning. The meeting was crowded with believers from all over Japan, and it was a feast full of grace with words of praise and prayer.

Dr. Cho's missionary zeal to evangelize 10 million Japanese has remained the same for the past 33 years. Rev. Dae Wong Chung, pastor of Full Gospel Osaka Church, was the presider for the meeting, and Dr. Cho emphasized the great love of God for Japan. Elder Shigaki, executive director of DCEM, interpreted Dr. Cho's sermon.

Full Gospel Osaka Church has been actively carrying out the work of evangelism among the Japanese, so their congregation now consists of 50% Japanese. The church has been an active Full Gospel representative in the Kansai region in Japan.

Dr. Cho delivered a message with the title, "The Experience of a Miracle," using 2 Kings 5:1-14 as his text. He said, "Commander Naaman had endeavored to cure his leprosy by meeting with many doctors and by using various treatments, but there was no cure. However, when he experienced the healing of God through Elisha, he was so touched with gratitude and joy." Dr. Cho stressed, "We try to solve our problems through our own experience and thinking.
If Commander Naaman had not obeyed the word of Elisha because of his position and personal experience, his leprosy would never have been cured. But since he obeyed the word and dipped himself in the Jordan seven times, he experienced a miracle of healing for his leprosy."

Dr. Cho emphasized, "Even though God earnestly desires to heal our sickness, He wants us to be well prepared by changing our character first, in order to experience the miracle of God. Besides, since Naaman was so arrogant and proud, his leprosy could not be cured without first breaking his arrogance and pride.
When we come before the Lord, we must first prepare our hearts to believe and obey the Word of God."

Dr. Cho said, "If we want to experience a miracle, we must listen to the Word of God, believe the Word as it is, confess it with our mouth, and think positively. We must be confident that God will change our character, heal our sickness, and help us recover from our circumstances." As the congregation listened to Dr. Cho's message, they responded with, "Amen," and determined to experience the miracles of God by having absolute faith.

  To have a successful spring meeting, Full Gospel Osaka Church had a relay prayer meeting titled, "Upper Room Prayer Meeting". The prayer meeting was held for 13 days, from March 29 to April 10, and from 12 midnight to 5 a.m. The midnight prayer meeting was attended by a total of 1,000 church members consecutively. In the previous year of 2009, a 365-day relay fasting and prayer meeting was carried out for this spring meeting.

Rev. Dae Won Chung, pastor of Full Gospel Osaka Church who organized the spring


meeting disclosed, "We give glory to God for giving us the

opportunity to hold this meeting with Dr. Cho. We will do our best to spread the fire of the Holy Spirit throughout the whole area of Osaka."

Full Gospel Osaka Church was pioneered by Dr. Cho in 1987 to help bring 10 million Japanese souls to Jesus. The attendance has grown to 650 members. Presently, the congregation is praying for a new seven-story church building with a seating capacity of 1,000.

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