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  I want to be healed.
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 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
         India Crusade

2006 Harvest Crusade

with Dr. Cho in Taiwan

By the power of the Holy Spirit,

4,000 people accept Jesus during the two-day crusade

▲ Dr. Cho preached, "Jesus Christ is the way and the truth and the life." 20,000 people

    attended; 4,000 people accepted Jesus Christ during the two-day crusade

For the evangelization of Taiwan, a possible bridgehead for China missions, the 2006 Harvest Crusade with Dr. Cho was successfully held on October 26 and 27 for two consecutive days at National Taiwan University Sports Center.

In the crusade administrated by DCEM, it was recorded as the largest gathering of 350 churches from Taiwan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. The crusade brought forth a miracle of 4,000 converts to the Lord.

With a total of 20,000 attendees during the two-day crusade, Dr. Cho preached on the subject, "Jesus Who Is Bearing Our Yoke," using Matthew 11:28-30 as his text, and about "The Power of the Gospel That Drives out Demons."
Dr. Cho explained, "Through Adam´s sin, human beings were doomed to be destroyed. However, through Jesus Christ, we can have salvation. If you believe in Jesus, you can have real rest, joy, and peace. We were once unrighteous and ungodly, but through the redemption of Jesus Christ, we are now God´s holy children. We are no longer under the power of sin, but we are now living in the grace of God by Jesus´ precious blood that He shed for us on the Cross. There is hope, freedom, and eternal life in Jesus Christ."

"If we trust in Jesus, we can be freed from the consciousness of the curse, defeatism, despair, and poverty," said Dr. Cho. "Those who dwell in Jesus have positive, creative, and productive thinking and dreams."

After the sermon, Dr. Cho prayed for the sick. Hundreds of people testified that they were healed, especially paralytics who rose up out of their wheelchairs and walked by the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

Rev. Mao Song Chang, committee chairman for the 2006 Harvest Crusade with Dr. Cho, said, "The special crusade was so fruitful in saving souls. The results can be compared to planting 100 churches in Taiwan, considering that the average church membership is 30~40 people in the churches in Taiwan. All the pastors who participated in preparing for the special crusade worked together in unity and will continue to fan the flame of the Holy Spirit in Taiwan."

There were six seminars during the two days, apart from the crusade. The seminars were prepared for the Taiwan pastors, Bible school students, and church leaders. Rev. Joshua Younggi Hong, president of Institute of Church Growth in Korea, lectured on the theme, Dr. David Yonggi Cho´s Fourth Dimension Spirituality.


  Rev. Kong Hee, senior pastor of City Harvest Church in Singapore, lectured on the theme, End Time Believers.

In spite of the high temperature, the NTU Sports Center was filled with people three hours before the crusade started.

The population of Taiwan is now 22 million. More than 90% of the people believe in Buddhism, Taoism, and a peculiar Chinese religion blended with Confucianism.

As of 2006, the Christian population is 3.6%, showing rapid growth from 0.6% just three years ago.

The growth of Protestant churches in Taiwan has brought in great effectiveness by the Holy Spirit movement. Growth has further been accelerated by having continuing meetings prepared by evangelical church organizations in Taiwan.

Starting with the first crusade in January 21, 1980, Dr. Cho has now preached for eight crusades in Taiwan.

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