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Asia Conference and Church Growth International Conference Held


30,000 People from 70 Nations Gather to Pray

The 2nd Asia Conference and the 24th Church Growth International (CGI) Conference were held as a combined conference for five days at Singapore Expo Halls, from May 26-30.

This international conference was coordinated by Church Growth International and organized by City Harvest Church in Singapore, who hosted the conference for the 30,000 people from 70 countries who attended.

World-renowned pastors were invited to speak for the conference: Yonggi Cho, Reinhard Bonnke, Phil Pringle, A. R. Bernard, Kim Sunghae Cho, Younghoon Lee, and Kong Hee.

The Singapore Expo Halls where the conference was held were overflowing with fervent prayer and praise. The conference attendees prayed earnestly in one accord for revival fire to be unleashed in Asia once again, to evangelize the whole world with the Gospel.

The grandiose opening session of the conference started at 9 a.m. on May 26. When the attendees heard a spirited shout and drum corps, they broke out into cheers as they saw flag-bearers march in representing their 70 countries, all dressed in their national costumes.

The conference was organized by City Harvest Church (Pastor Kong Hee), the largest church in Singapore. For this event, City Harvest Church prepared for three Singapore Expo Halls to be used at the same time so that 10,000 people could attend the conference in each hall simultaneously.

Founded by Dr. Cho and attended by interdenominational pastors, the Church Growth International (CGI) conference has become a gathering for pastors, church leaders, missionaries, and cell-group leaders who want to learn more about church growth. At this conference from May 26 to May 30, Dr. Cho preached about the core of fourth-dimensional spirituality: thinking, faith, dreams and words.

In the first morning session, Dr. Cho disclosed, "The secret weapon during the past 50 years of my ministry has been fourth-dimensional spirituality.

Men of faith who are equipped with fourth-dimensional spirituality can make the impossible become possible and can exert great power to expand the kingdom of God and to build the Church."

Dr. Cho gave examples of Abraham, David, and Caleb, explaining, "These men of faith who went forward with fourth-dimensional faith from the third dimensional world fulfilled the will of God." He continued, "All Christians must count the stars in the sky with faith after coming out of their own tent. Be a person of fourth-dimensional spirituality by visualizing the invisible world as a visible one.

On the evening of May 25, a reception was held at the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore for 400 pastors, Singaporean celebrities, main speakers, and CGI board members. Several pastors at the reception who have experienced church growth under Dr. Cho's influence shared the grace of God by giving their testimonies.


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