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  I want to be healed.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

3,000 Pastors Gather to Hear Dr. Cho’s Message


Zeal for the Evangelization of China with the Theme, “Arise and Shine”

With the fullness of the Holy Spirit, the fervor of Hong Kong church leaders has billowed for the evangelization of 1.3 billion souls in China. The David Cho Evangelistic Mission (DCEM) invited pastors and leaders to attend the “Arise and Shine” conference with Dr. Cho on March 1, 2011, which was held at Noah’s Ark Park in Hong Kong.

Organized by DCEM, leaders from over 500 churches attended the “Arise and Shine” conference, coming from Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, and Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Ministers Association planned this conference when they heard that Dr. Cho would visit Hong Kong to dedicate the new church building of Full Gospel Hong Kong Church, a mission church of Yoido Full Gospel Church in Korea. The pastors in Hong Kong took advantage of this opportunity to hold a meeting with Dr. Cho for church leaders from Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, and Hong Kong.

Even though all of the halls in Noah’s Ark Park were opened for this conference, the seats could not accommodate the 3,000 people who came to the conference. Finally, a basketball court (at Noah’s Stadium) was improvised to allow the remaining attendees to hear Dr. Cho through closed-circuit TV. Prior to entering the main conference hall, Dr. Cho stopped by Noah’s Stadium to greet the 1,500 people who could not be seated in the main hall.

The attendees in Noah’s Stadium were surprised by Dr. Cho’s unexpected visit, and they welcomed him with a burst of applause! Dr. Cho then spoke to them for about 10 minutes as they listened eagerly, before he proceeded to Noah’s main hall.

  After receiving a warm welcome from the pastors of Hong Kong, Dr. Cho delivered the message, “When we look at the cross of Calvary, Jesus works.”

He gave his personal testimony about dying from pulmonary tuberculosis. When he was at death’s door, someone brought the Gospel to him, and he met God who healed him. He stressed that God gives hope to those who desperately cry out to Him.

Dr. Cho emphasized, “The Bible teaches that Jesus cast out demons, healed the sick, and poured out all His strength to bring good news to the poor. The Gospel seeks the lost to reveal the glory of God.”He continued, “Jesus who healed the sick still performs miracles by healing the sick even now. I should have been dead with incurable pulmonary tuberculosis, but the Lord healed me, and I have gone around the world 116 times to preach about God’s healing power. We can experience miracles if we trust in Jesus and believe in our heart.”

In addition, Dr. Cho said, “We must change our mind and thinking. If you ever think, ‘It won’t be done, I can’t do it, it’s no use to try,’ miracles will not happen. However, if you think and confess with your mouth, ‘I can be healed, our church can be revived, Hong Kong will be evangelized, China will soon change,’ then miracles will happen when you proclaim and believe. The Lord will surely accomplish it.”

  Church leaders who attended the conference agreed, “We are very pleased to have focused together on the mission for Asia and China with pastors who have come from Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, and Hong Kong. This was a very meaningful conference that allowed us to experience once again the importance of the evangelization of China.”

The pastors who came from Mainland China on the night train were focused on Dr. Cho’s message, not wanting to

miss even one word, and used cameras and tape recorders as they listened to his sermon. Meanwhile, Dr. Cho introduced Thomas Kwok, a man with a vision and a dream who built Noah’s Ark Park.

Dr. Cho thanked Thomas Kwok, saying, “You reproduced Noah’s Ark to its actual size in Hong Kong so people could understand the contents of the Bible and know the importance of life.”

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