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No 86897 Date 2018-07-05 오후 11:09:00
Name Annie Abraham Subject Urgent Prayer request!
Contents Let all thanksgiving, honor and praise to the King of the Universe!

My dear Brothers and Sisters, you are so precious to me, my son and my siblings and families, because you always stand with me, my son and my loved ones when we need in prayers. With a deeply greatful heart, I thank you, I thank you, and I thank you for your prayers!

My dear Brothers and Sisters, be encouraged today, and be confident in knowing the Almighty God is there for you. Your prayers are a blessing from the Most Holy One, and we are honored by your support.

Once again I have a prayer request and would you please pray for my young son Abraham Tharinda, for deliverance from the evil one. He is a believer and got saved, but he is struggling with this evil war craft games via internet.

I'm an evangelist, my son and I, we live together. He is a wonderful gift from Above. My whole life I dedicated to the LORD, and I'm serving Him.

Recently I dreamed very evil dreams, and in my dreams I saw wild animals are inside of my prayer house. When he is at home (my son), he always playing this war craft games. The Holy Spirit gave me the interpretation of these dreams.

Very kindly I advise him not to do so, and he against with me, and he argue with me and he wants to leave me. I know my Precious Holy Savior (also yours) Yeshua Jesus the Messiah is faithful, and His promises are Ye and Amen!

I'm praying for him very hardly, and I ask you with broken and contrite spirit, would you please pray for my son's deliverance from the evil one and this evil games, and to obey His commandments, and if it's His will send His holy angels to press back the legions of darkness and surround him with Heavenly atmosphere of peace and light.

And also please pray for my siblings and families, Godfrey, Peter, Marian, Bernard, Joseph, Mary and their families, my son and I, protection from the evil one, and HIS perfect will to be done in our lives.

Thank you again for your prayers!

With much love and prayers!
Sister Annie Abraham.

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