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Joining the Holy Spirit Movement with Discipleship Training

Pastor Jung Hyun Oh
senior pastor of Sarang Community Church
Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Two driving forces in Korean church growth converged -- the Holy Spirit movement and discipleship training. The person who opened the waterway for these two streams to meet was Pastor Jung Hyun Oh, senior pastor of Sarang Community Church in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Pastor Oh invited Dr. David Yonggi Cho to his church for the Spiritual Renewal Conference 2001. Pastor Oh said, "I hope that the Korean ethnic churches can restore their spiritual leadership and continue to experience revival through this conference." He decided that the main theme of this conference should be, "Let us become a peace offering." He wants Sarang Community Church and all other local churches to become a peace offering.
Pastor Oh emphasized, "Korean churches are strong in Systematic Theology. This means that I am right; others are wrong. We are not of the same mind. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, I want the Korean ethnic churches to eliminate denominational barriers."

The reason why Pastor Oh desires the strength of oneness is because of his past experience. He has learned the strong points of church unity from his mentor, the well-known Pastor Han Heum Oak in Korea. From his mentorship, he has learned the importance of oneness among Christians.
Pastor Oh' first mentor was Rev. Hee Chun Park in Seoul, Korea. Then he met Rev. Han Heum Oak from the Sungdo Presbyterian Church at a church camp. He received profound mentorship through Rev. John Oak (Rev. Han Heum Oak). Through Rev. Daniel Lee (Rev. Dong Won Lee), he learned how to preach powerful message and he learned humility and boldness from Rev. Billy Kim and Rev. Jung Kil Hong. Pastor Oh said, "I am not saying that I have all their merits. Rather, I am trying to learn from them."
Pastor Oh stressed that it is time for pastors to develop themselves. By compensating for the weakness of each denomination, there is a need to formulate a new, perhaps an upgraded discipleship training that will be used mightily by God in the expansion of His kingdom.
Pastor Oh was a member of a Christian student movement. He had served as international general secretary of Korea Students Abroad for 13 years and was the director on the board of Operation Mobilization (OM) Korea.
He is a very distinguished missions' strategist and administrator. Actually when he served the Sarang Church as an assistant pastor in Seoul, Korea, he presented his church authorities with a 70-page pastoral white paper. The pastoral white paper was prepared for Korean ethnic churches and the society overseas.
Pastor Oh emigrated from Korea to America to plant a Korean ethnic church in 1988. He pioneered Sarang Community Church in Los Angeles. He started with discipleship training in Sarang Community Church. He eventually built the Miracle Complex on Brookhurst Street, Anaheim, Los Angeles. This Miracle Complex has a large area of 11 acres and a floor space of 110,000 square feet. The cost of construction was 13 million US dollars.
Sarang Community Church concentrates on youth missions and dynamic Sunday worship services. Pastor Oh is preparing a Miracle Project for the Young Korean Diaspora (Koreans scattered all over the world). This Miracle Project will provide a new vision to the Korean youth for world evangelism. Pastor Oh said, "We plan to hold a Diaspora Concert in Los Angeles in October 2001, in Korea in 2002, and in China, Japan, Russia, Brazil and Australia from 2003 to 2009."
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