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  I want to be healed.
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  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

Vivid experiences of life and death

- Los Angeles Conference -
The Spiritual Renewal Conference 2001 was held at Sarang Community Church May 25-27 in Los Angeles. Dr. Cho was invited to speak. He was touched by the congregation who packed the Sarang Community Church during the Memorial Day weekend in California. The fervent prayer and enthusiastic praise of the congregation also moved him.

Dr. Cho delivered God's Word including vivid experiences of life and death. This conference was quite different from any of his other conferences in that he testified about God' blessings experienced in his family. The congregation devoured Dr. Cho's preaching with breathless suspense. When he introduced the core of the Full Gospel experienced during his 44 years of pastoral ministry, they were moved to tears.

Dr. Cho told about Ju Ahm Huh, a senior deaconess of Yoido Full Gospel Church. She was involved in a traffic accident in 1978. As a result of the accident, one of her legs was broken. Therefore a metal bar had been set in her ankle, and her broken leg was shorter than her other leg. She put up with the inconvenience of her broken leg, but she had no time to rest because she went out witnessing every day.
One day when she read the Bible, she recognized that God heals. So she prayed for her broken leg saying, "My leg will grow longer. My leg will grow longer again." She prayed for her leg for five years. But most people sneered at her and said, "How can a leg with a metal bar in the ankle grow longer?" Dr. Cho urged her to draw a self-portrait with a healed leg. He also emphasized that she should have an affirmative attitude toward life. After nine years, Dr. Cho had almost forgotten about her. One day
after he finished preaching in the Sunday service, he prayed for the sick. Then he said, "Today someone who has a short leg is healed." Senior Deaconess Huh was completely healed from Satan's curse.
Dr. Cho emphasized that the will of God is performed when we have a vision. He testified about seeing a vision as he worshipped in his home. He said, "When I praised the Lord one day in my home, I missed family worship because of the strong presence of God at the time. I saw Jesus standing at Calvary. Then the soldiers knelt in front of Him and mocked Him."

Dr. Cho saw the Jews who crucified Jesus Christ. Then he heard praise. Dr. Cho made some notes on paper and gave his wife the words of a song. He heard a melody, but did not remember it. One day he saw his wife was sobbing while composing a song. His wife heard the same melody that Dr. Cho heard in his vision, so she composed the following song.
Dr. Cho testified about the salvation of his family and how they came to believe in Jesus Christ. He said, "After I was healed by the grace of God, I came to Seoul from Pusan. As soon as I came to Seoul, my father went bankrupt. He was convinced that the bankruptcy was because of my believing in Jesus Christ. Our family believed in Buddha in the beginning. But after God healed me of tuberculosis, I believed in Jesus Christ as my Savior; I no longer believed in Buddha as my savior. I had just begun to believe in Jesus Christ when my father was convinced his bankruptcy was due to my false faith.
While I was in Bible College my father said to me, "I came to Seoul with suicidal intent." Then I discussed with Jasil Choi, my future mother-in-law, what I should do. Deaconess Choi said, "I will help you. I will dissuade your father from committing suicide." So she met with my father and proposed that she help him with his business. One day after that my father attended the Sunday worship service. Whenever a foreigner preached, I interpreted. I was very anxious while I was interpreting because my father was there in the service. After the worship service, my father began to cry. When I saw him crying, I was really anxious; I wondered what happened to him. I was
concerned about the meaning of his crying. Were his tears due to his own poor life or were they tears of repentance? Suddenly my father said to me, "My son, you are my shepherd." My father's tears meant repentance. He believed in Jesus Christ.
The next day my father went to Pusan to evangelize my family. I thought that my father's pride would be hurt because he abused me after I believed in Jesus Christ as my Savior. But after my father went to Pusan, he explained to our family that he believed in Jesus Christ. Our family was surprised at this fact. But they decided to believe in Jesus Christ and prayed.

After awhile I received a telegram from my father asking me to go down to Pusan. My family needed a preacher for their home service, so they asked me to preach. My father
is now 89 years old, and he is very 'Well.' Dr. Cho thanked God for the salvation of his family. After Dr. Cho finished preaching, he prayed for many sick people in Sarang Community Church. Many were healed from various diseases such as a brain tumor, a thyroid problem, hemorrhoids, dermatitis, diabetes, and athlete' foot. The next day on the website of Sarang Community Church, it was reported that there were many responses from the conference participants.

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