Dr. Cho Awarded The Family of Man Medalliontp

May 18 declared "Rev. Dr. David Yonggi Cho Day" in Brooklyn and in The Bronx in New York City

Dr. Cho who visited New York City for the Church Growth and Maturity Conference and Revival was awarded The Family of Man Medallion by The Council of Churches of the City of New York (CCCNY) at The Christian Cultural Center located in Brooklyn, New York May 18.
The Family of Man Medallion is awarded to "individuals who exemplify excellence in the use of God-given talents in the service of humankind." Since the Council created the Society for the Family of Man in 1963, the Council has presented this award to recipients such as the former U.S. presidents: John F. Kennedy; Dwight D. Eisenhower; Richard M. Nixon; and Jimmy Carter. The award was also presented to John D. Rockefeller III. The Family of Man Medallion has not been awarded to anyone since 1986. This year Dr. Cho has been chosen as the 25th person and the first Asian man to receive this award.
CCCNY President Calvin Butts who presented The Family of Man Medallion explained why they decided to give the award to Dr. Cho. He said, "Throughout the years, CCCNY has observed significant people and their contributions to the world. We have presented this award not only to Americans but to those who render distinguished service of humankind. We appreciate Dr. Cho´s spiritual leadership that has greatly impacted the world, especially in the areas of world missions and church growth. For over 40 years, he has earnestly brought the message of hope to people in despair throughout the whole world. Dr. Cho is the man of God whom we want to honor with this award. Dr. Cho planted a church with only five members in 1958, and he is still ministering to that church which has become the biggest church in the world with 780,000 members. He has also written many inspiring Christian books, and has continued to preach the Gospel to bring lost souls to Christ. It is a great pleasure to present this award to Dr. Cho."
Senior Pastor Bernard from The Christian Cultural Center said, "I am so glad deep down in my heart that Dr. Cho, a spiritual leader in this generation, has received an award of authority. He is a mighty man of God who has lived as salt and light in this world."
In Dr. Cho´s acceptance speech he said, "The Family of Man Medallion is truly an unexpected prize for me. I´ve done nothing to earn this award. It is totally by the grace of God that I´ve worked for God´s kingdom for 47 years. I give all the glory to our Lord Jesus Christ."
On the day of the presentation, the following were among those present: Dr. Cho´s wife, Rev. Kim Sunghae Cho, president of Hansei University; CCCNY President, Dr. Calvin O. Butts; Executive Director, John E. Hiemstra; the senior pastor of The Christian Cultural Center, Dr. A. R. Bernard; Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Dr. Huston; many pastors from New York; and the president of The Christian Council of Korea, Rev. Sung Kyu Choi.
May 18 was proclaimed "Rev. Dr. David Yonggi Cho Day" in Brooklyn and in The Bronx in New York City.