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Seeing Visions, Expecting Miracles, Fulfilling Dreams.


Nationwide, dedicated Christians came from 400 cities in the United States, shared their visions and dreams, and prayed together. The City Bible Church which is located in Portland, Oregon in the northwest corner of the United States, hosted the ‘2003 Northwest Intercessor’s Conference’ for three days in two sessions. During March 13-15, Dr. Cho was invited as a main speaker for the conference.

The conference speakers included Rev. Phil Pringle who has an active growing church in Australia; Rev. Ken Wilde, the director of the National Prayer Center in Washington, D.C; and other Christian leaders including Cindy Jacobs who is the president and co-founder of Intercession, a missionary organization devoted to training in prayer and spiritual warfare.

The conference was based on the theme, “Seeing Visions, Expecting Miracles, Fulfilling Dreams.” Dr. Cho asked the 3,000-member congregation who filled the City Bible Church to pray together in the opening service. He exhorted them to pray with clear dreams and visions. He said, “Target prayer is the way to move God’s mighty hand.” Dr. Cho explained that target prayer is prayer that sets a goal and has visions and dreams according to the goal, and then one prays speaking creative language.”

The congregation responded to Dr. Cho’s message saying, “Amen.” They clapped with joy whenever he gave testimonies of powerful target prayer answers from God. They listened carefully to Dr. Cho’s sermon with heartfelt tears and laugher.

Mr. Steven Howard, one of the attendees at the conference said, “I was inspired about the importance of prayer. I learned how important prayer is in our daily lives.”

Mr. Jae-hee Lunselt, a Korean immigrant responded, “I believed in Jesus as my Savior when Yoido Full Gospel Church was at the Seodaemun Church. The reason I could overcome the problems in my immigrant life was because of the faith that I received at that time. Now I can have new visions and dreams through Dr. Cho’s challenging message.

It was a rainy day, and the attendees filled the City Bible Church before the conference began. As soon as the praise and worship began, they ardently stood up to worship and praise the Lord. Some knelt down to pray.

On March 11, Dr. Cho preached at the North America Council of the Full Gospel World Mission, Inc. At the council, he emphasized, “It is natural for humanity to be ruled by God.”

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