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  I want to be healed.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

Tokyo Jesus Festival 2012




Tokyo Jesus Festival 2012 with Dr. Cho as main speaker was held on September 17th at the Hibiya Public Hall in Tokyo, Japan. The Festival was sponsored by David Cho Evangelistic Mission (DCEM) and prepared by Full Gospel Japanese Association and was attended with more than 2500 people from all around Japan.

Tokyo Jesus Festival 2012 has a significant meaning in celebrating the 35th anniversary of Dr. Cho’s mission work in Japan to bring 10 million Japanese souls to the Lord and in bringing Japanese church leaders of different denominations in one accord by actively participating and preparing the Festival.

The Festival was jointly organized by the Korean Church Association in Japan and 17 Japanese church denominations. With many Japanese Christians and non-believers attended, the fruit of the movement bringing 10 million Japanese souls to the Lord could be seen and confirmed.

Outside of the Hibiya Public Hall so many people waited for three hours before the meeting started. Those who could not get in listened to Dr. Cho’s sermon at the lobby of the hall.

Dr. Cho preached on the love of Jesus who came into the world to free us under the title of “Freedom in Christ” with a Scripture verse in Galatians 5:1. Elder Shigemasa Shigaki, executive director of DCEM, interpreted Dr. Cho’s message into Japanese.

Dr. Cho said, “We had been prisoners of sin, of tears, of curses and of poverty from our birth, but Jesus came to save us and was crucified.” He emphasized that only Jesus gives us hope

He also said, “When we look at the Cross on the Calvary we can find our dreams and hope there. By strengthening our faith we are not to be yoked as slaves. We must look at the Cross and know that Jesus gave us freedom and that we have been changed.” He admonished that we are to be the victorious Christians by declaring our positive thinking, dreams, faith, and mouth confession. The attendees who filled the Hibiya Public Hall responded with ‘Amen’ and embraced the hope in Jesus and fullness of the Holy Spirit and prayed earnestly for the revival of Japan.

For the first part of the Festival Dr. Kong Hee (Singapore City Harvest Church) and Rev. Tsugumichi Ohkawa (Yamato Calvary Chapel ) preached the Gospel. Dr. Kong Hee delivered the message from Luke 1:13 and emphasized that when we are in troubles we should pray, think positively, dream, believe, and confess our faith.


Rev. Tsugumichi Ohkawa preached from John 9:1~7 and emphasized on our mission of the Cross by saying, “The Cross makes our lives plus. Jesus forgives our sins through the Cross and saved us.”

With presided by Rev. Mitsuki Senoh (Full Gospel Marita Church), the Tokyo Festival 2012 began with opening declaration by Rev. Dae Won Chung (Japan Full Gospel Association), with opening prayer by Rev. Minoru Okuyama (Mission Training Center), with reading the Scripture by Rev. Makoto Hosoi (General Superintendent of the Japan Assemblies of God), with praise by the united choir of Full Gospel Tokyo Church and Yamato Calvary Chapel, and with introduction of the speaker by Rev. Yoo-dong Kim (Full Gospel Nagoya Church). After the congratulatory message of Dr. Sunghae Kim (President of Hansei University), Dr. Yukio Funatsu (Kanazawa Christ Church) prayed for the offering.


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