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  I want to be healed.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

Taiwan Crusade Profile

▶ Conference Date : September 17 ~19, 2003 (Wednesday ~ Friday)

▶ Name of Conference : Breakthrough and Revival Conference

▶ Name of Venue : Taiwan University Indoor Stadium

▶ Host Organization : The United Pastors' Prayer Meeting (President Rev. Mao Song Chang)

▶ Conference Attendance : 50,000 attended for three days (including the Church Growth
***********************Seminar during the day from 17~ 19)

▶ Note :
***◐ Converts: 700 people
***◐ The healed: 50 people
***◐ Theme: Never Give Up
***◐ Dr. Cho's last crusade in Taiwan was held 12 years ago in 1991
***◐ Dr. Cho visited the Office of the Generalissimo to meet President Chen Shui-bian at the
*****invitation of the President, and had a conversation with him for about 30 minutes.

▶ Dr. Cho's Schedule :
*** September 17 Evening Crusade - Dr. Cho preached from Mark 10:46~56 as follows:
*****"Jesus came to this world like Jericho to save the spiritually blinded who live according to
***** their sinful nature without knowing God, Jesus, the kingdom of heaven, and hell like the
***** blind man, Bartimaeus. When Bartimaeus shouted to Jesus, Bartimaeus received his sight
***** and followed Jesus, and became a new person. Whoever believes in Jesus will receive
***** righteousness, the Holy Spirit, healing, blessing, and citizenship in the kingdom of
***** heaven. He or she will live with Jesus on this earth and he freed from this cursed world.
***** Everyday, look at yourself through the Cross. Stand on faith in Jesus and live with Him.
***** Do not go back to Jericho again."

*** September 18 Evening Crusade - Dr. Cho preached from Matthew 27: 39~43 as follows:
*****When Jesus was suffering and being humiliated by crucifixion on the Cross, "those who
*****passed by hurled insults at him, … saying, '…save yourself! Come down from the cross, if
*****you are the Son of God!' " Jesus is almighty God. Nevertheless, why did Christ choose to
*****remain upon the Cross? Because of His love for us, He chose not to come down, to pay
*****the price to deliver us from sin, the devil, disease, poverty, death and hell. There is none
*****more precious than Jesus. We have to worship only Jesus, trust in the Lord, and rely on

  • September 18 Breakfast Prayer for Taiwan Christian Businessmen
  • September 19 Evening Crusade with Rev. Dick Bernal preaching
  • ▶ Crusade related pictures :

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