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  I want to be healed.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

2006 Osaka Jesus Festival Profile

▶ Crusade Date : March 21, 2006

▶ Crusade Name : 2006 Osaka Jesus Festivall

▶ Name of Venue : Amagasaki Cultural Center

▶ Host Organization : DCEM (David Cho Evangelistic Mission)

▶ Administration Organization : David Cho Evangelistic Mission (DCEM)

▶ Support Organization : Japan Full Gospel Association

Nippon Revival Association (NRA)
Korean Missionary Association (KMA)

▶ Conference Attendance : Four thousand

▶ Note : One hundred churches from all over Japan participated in the 2006 Osaka Jesus
Festival managed by the David Cho Evangelistic Mission (DCEM), which was reported as the largest gathering among Japanese protestant meetings. The Festival prepared by the Japan Full Gospel Association, the Nippon Revival Association (NRA), and the Korean Ministry Association (KMA) was to pray for the salvation of ten million Japanese.

▶ Dr. Cho´s Schedule :
  • March 21 (Tues) - There were two sections to the festival:
    The first part : Gospel Festival,
    The second part : Dr. Cho's preaching

  • March 21 (Tues) - After the festival, Dr. Cho had dinner with 150 pastors
    from the Japan Full Gospel Association, the Nippon Revival Association (NRA), and the Korean Missionary Association (KMA). He encouraged them to press on toward the vision of winning ten million Japanese to Jesus.

  • Speaking in Korean, Dr. Cho preached on, "The God Who Protects and
    Comforts Us with His Rod and Staff." Elder Shigemasa Shigaki, executive director of DCEM, interpreted Dr. Cho's message into Japanese.
    Dr. Cho stated that verse four is his favorite verse in Psalm 23 and pointed out, "God's great love is manifested in our lives with comfort and guidance." Dr. Cho strongly emphasized, "God has never forsaken me when I walked through the valley of the shadow of death. He is always walking with me. If anyone is in great trouble, remember Jesus who is always with us. Grab hold of Him, trust in Him, and live with the hope in the Lord."
    The 2006 Osaka Jesus Festival began with the opening address from Rev. Dae Won Chung (Full Gospel Osaka Church), and the Festival continued for five hours. Four thousand people praised the Lord and prayed that God would totally rule over Japan.

  • ▶ Crusade related pictures :

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