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Spring Revival Meeting in Tokyo Profile

▶ Crusade Date : 2007/3/27 (Thu)

▶ Crusade Name : Full Gospel Tokyo Church 'spring revival meeting with Dr. Cho'

▶ Name of Venue : Full Gospel Tokyo Church

▶ Administration Organization : DCEM (David Cho Evangelistic Mission)

▶ Conference Attendance : 1,000

▶ Note : On March 27, 2007, a one-day spring revival meeting with Dr. Cho was held at

Full Gospel Tokyo Church, a main base to help bring ten million Japanese to Christ. The spring revival meeting, organized by Full Gospel Tokyo Church and sponsored by DCEM, was crowded with members from nearby Japanese and Korean churches as well as from Full Gospel Tokyo Church. The pastors from Nippon Revival Association (NRA) and the missionaries from Korean Missionary Association (KMA) joined together for this meeting.
Commemorating Dr. Cho´s 30-year anniversary of missions in Japan, the revival meeting was held to refresh and bless the members of Japan Full Gospel Association who have endeavored to bring ten million Japanese to Christ. The meeting was blessed with the fullness of the Holy Spirit. The main sanctuary and adjacent hall of Full Gospel Tokyo Church was crowded one hour before the revival meeting began, with people waiting to hear Dr. Cho´s message. Even the stairs connecting to the third and fourth floors were overflowing with people.
Prior to Dr. Cho´s message, Rev. Sungsoo Kim, senior pastor of Full Gospel Tokyo Church, led in a time of prayer for God´s help to bring ten million Japanese to Christ.
While celebrating the 30-year anniversary of missions in Japan, the attendees fervently prayed for a successful Jesus Festival to be held this coming July, for God´s help to bring ten million Japanese to Christ, and to evangelize Japan. They also prayed for the growth and revival of Full Gospel Tokyo Church.
Meanwhile, Rev. Sungsoo Kim commented, "The purpose of this spring revival meeting with Dr. Cho has been to plant strength, courage, dreams, and hope in Japanese Christians, and it has become a precious time once again to encourage unity among the churches to lead 10% of the Japanese population to the Lord."

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