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The Third DCEM Church Growth Seminar

▶ Date of Seminar : November 20, 2007 (Tuesday 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.)

▶ Title of Seminar : Dr. Cho's 30 Years of Mission Work in Japan

▶ Speakers : Dr. David Yonggi Cho, president of DCEM and main speaker

Rev. Tsugumichi Ohkawa (Yamato Calvary Chapel)
Rev. Yoshinobu Murakami (Charis Chapel)

▶ Place of Seminar : Osaka Central Public Hall, Osaka, Japan

▶ Host of Seminar : David Cho Evangelistic Mission (DCEM)

▶ Attendees : pastors, missionaries, pastors' wives, Bible college students, elders,
church leaders

▶ Number of Attendees : Nearly 1,000/100 churches

▶ Details of Seminar :
In order to learn the keys to Dr. Cho's ministry and church growth, Japanese pastors gathered together. The third DCEM Church Growth Seminar was held at Osaka Central Public Hall in Osaka, Japan on November 20, to encourage church growth and to bring 10 million Japanese to Jesus.

Nearly one thousand people attended the Third DCEM Church Growth Seminar including Japanese pastors, Bible college students, Korean missionaries in Japan, and attendees from 100 nondenominational churches of Nippon Revival Association (NRA), Korean Missionary Association (KMA), Korean Council of Churches in Japan, and from Japan Full Gospel Association.

This was the Third DCEM Church Growth Seminar in Japan. The first seminar was held at Yamato Calvary Chapel on June 6, 2006 and the second one was held at Nippon Seinen-kan Hall in Tokyo on September 19, 2006.

With a goal to bring 10% of the Japanese population to Jesus through the growth and revival of Japanese churches, the following people lectured at the seminar: Rev. Tsugumichi Ohkawa (Yamato Calvary Chapel), Rev. Yoshinobu Murakami (Charis Chapel), and Dr. Cho.

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