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Pastor Cho's Sermon Outline - Yoido Full Gospel Church - Seoul, Korea
The Mind
Proverbs 4:23 ~ 4:27


      The mind is the foundation of our lives. A good mind could lead to well-being in everything we do. However, an ill mind could lead to tragedy. A peaceful mind is like a calm lake, but a troubled one is like a stormy sea. God says, "Better a man who controls his temper than one who takes a city." The Scripture also says, "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life."

1. Ill thoughts are the foundation of misfortune.
   1) The evil mind: the status when the devil occupies the mind (Mt 12:45).
      (1) Evil is the source of agony. It torments a person and those around the person.
           Look at the evil deeds of Hitler in Germany, the evil deeds of Japanese imperialism,
           and the evil deeds of the communists (Mt 15:19; Ro 2:9).
      (2) There is no peace in evil (Isa 48:22; 57:20,21).
      (3) Woe comes to the wicked (Isa 3:11).
      (4) An evil person is destroyed quickly (Ps 37:1,2).
   2) The mind seized by sin: sin is like yeast. It corrupts the mind.
      (1) Through the judgment of the conscience, guilt causes pain and suffering
          (Ps 38:2-5).
      (2) It always fears God's rebuke.
      (3) It deprives the mind of joy and peace (Jer 5:25).
   3) The proud mind: it overestimates itself leading to a lofty mind.
      (1) Boasting about self and abasing others, it produces continual conflict with others
          (Pr 13:10).
      (2) Arrogant behavior begets curses by others. It makes you unhappy because you
           cannot share honest conversation and harmony with others (Pr 11:2).
      (3) God and men detest it (Pr 16:5,25; 1 Pe 5:5).
      (4) A shortcut to destruction (Pr 16:18,19).
   4) The negative mind.
      (1) It looks at everything from a negative viewpoint.
         ○ A shoe salesman who went to Africa.
      (2) A mind that abandons hope (Heb 13:5,6).
      (3) It draws back in discouragement and in despair (Heb 10:37-39).

2. The mind must be changed anew (Ro 12:2).
   - The circumstances in our lives do not change us. If our minds are changed, our lives
      will be changed.
      ○ A conversation between Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and a discouraged man.
   1) The repentant mind.
      (1) Abandons a self-centered mind, no longer master of self
      (2) Returns back to God-centeredness, and follows the will of God (Col 3:1-10).
   2) The mind that is united as one with Jesus (Ro 6:4; 2 Co 5:17).
      (1) A mind of forgiveness, righteousness, glory, and peace (Mal 2:5; Eph 1:7).
      (2) A mind of holiness, purity, and the fullness of the Holy Spirit (1 Co 6:11).
      (3) A mind filled with thoughts of healing and health (Ac 10:38).
      (4) A mind filled with thoughts of blessing and prosperity (2 Co 8:9).
      (5) A mind filled with the hope of everlasting life and the kingdom of heaven
          (2 Pe 3:13).
      (6) A mind that loves God and neighbors (Mt 22:37; 1 Pe 1:22; 4:8; Pr 10:12).

3. We must guard our minds.
   - The mind is the foundation of our lives. Therefore, we must guard our minds
      (Pr 15:13; 17:22).
   1) Through the Commandments, guard the mind lest sin and evil enter (Pr 4:21,22).
   2) Always cleanse the mind through repentance (Ps 34:18).
   3) Through the Word, supply life to the mind (Ps 19:8; Ro 10:17).
   4) Through prayer, abide with God (Ps 28:6,7; Mk 11:24).
   5) Always rely on the help of the Holy Spirit (Jn 14:26; Ro 8:26; 1 Jn 4:4).

      Happiness, peace, joy, and glory are all in the mind. Only the throne of God should be in the center of our minds. Our minds should not be occupied with any other thing: neither self, nor Satan, nor the world.

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