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New Dreams and Visions Planted in American Christians

"Be a Christian with positive words and creative thoughts."

Visions and dreams, prayers of the saints, miracles, and shouts of praise echoed in the northwest in America. The new sanctuary dedication was held on March 28 at Christian Faith Center (Rev. Casey Treat) in the Seattle area. Dr. Cho preached on the topic, "Accomplish a great work with visions and dreams."

Five thousand people attended the dedication service, including Korean missionaries, elders, and choir members from Korea, as well as members of Christian Faith Center.

Prior to Dr. Cho´s message, the attendees gave praise to the lord. The atmosphere in the service was electrified by the warmth of the Holy Spirit as they prayed for the explosive work of the Holy Spirit to overflow on Christian Faith Center.

Just before Dr. Cho preached, Rev. Casey Treat introduced Dr. Cho, "I thank the Lord for allowing me to have maintained a close relationship with Dr. Cho for a long time and for allowing us to have him in our dedication service.

Dr. Cho has always been a spiritual father to me and my wife, Wendy, and he has always considered the problems of our church as his own and prayed for our church to grow."

Dr. Cho responded to Pastor Treat´s remarks, "I thank the Lord for giving you such a beautiful church like Christian Faith Center. The Holy Spirit is here with you. I always thank God for your ministry, Pastor Treat. Through this dedication service, I pray that a new revival will begin in your church."


Dr. Cho preached from Hebrews 11:1-2 and emphasized, "Set clear-cut goals and have visions and dream dreams." He said that at the beginning of his ministry, he had two initial desires.

One desire was to have the largest church in the world, and the other desire was to preach the Gospel to the whole world as his parish. Every day he would think and pray about these desires and see the fulfillment of these two dreams as they are now.

Dr. Cho quoted Proverbs 21:23, "He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity." He emphasized that when we speak positive words, we will have the power and ability to receive God´s help.


  He reminded the congregation not to forget the fact that what we confess with our mouth will become reality.

Pastor Casey Treat has led Christian Faith Center in Seattle since 1980. The church provides Bible study for every age level from children to adults.

Christian Faith Center has adopted Dr. Cho´s cell system, and the church has been introducing the cell system in the area as a means of evangelism.

The ongoing vision of Christian Faith Center with its two major church campuses is to pastor the northwest, teach the nation, and inspire the world, and part of their vision for evangelism and growth is reflected in the continued expansion of their facilities.

The new sanctuary which was just dedicated to the Lord will be used as a multi-worship space to hold conferences, meetings, seminars, and other events for the glory of God.

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