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  I want to be healed.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

Frequently Asked Questions?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How can I get the schedule of Dr. Cho's overseas evangelistic meetings?

A : Dr. Cho does not publicize his schedule in advance. On his departure date for overseas,
      his meetings are announced under News & Events on our web site:       http://www.davidcho.com/NewEng/Default.asp

Q : How can I invite Dr. Cho to speak for an evangelistic meeting in my country?

A : You may send a letter to Dr. Cho by e-mail, by fax, or by air mail to the
      David Cho Evangelistic Mission:
      E-mail : dcem @ davidcho.com
      Fax : + (82-2) 783-9980
      Air mail : CCMM Building, 11th floor, 12 Yoido-dong, Youngdungpo-ku, Seoul,
                     Korea 150-869.

Q : How can I participate in the DCEM ministry?

A : You are welcome to attend Dr. Cho's meetings on site. Also, you may participate through
prayer support and financial donations. Please refer to the menu on the left side of the DCEM web site: http://www.davidcho.com/NewEng/Default.asp
Under GIVING, click on Giving Guide, Prayer Support, or Donation. These links will provide information for you.

Q : What is the Statement of Faith for DCEM?

A : The Statement of Faith for DCEM and Yoido Full Gospel Church is the same Statement of
     Faith used by the World Assemblies of God Fellowship, the Korea Assemblies of God, and
     the U.S. Assemblies of God. Please refer to the website:

Q : Can Dr. Cho pray with me for salvation?

A : Yes. You can pray together online.
     Please click on : http://www.davidcho.com/NewEng/Default.asp
     Click the ON button by the words, "I want to be a Christian." Dr. Cho's prayer.

Q : Can Dr. Cho pray with me for healing?

A : Yes. You can pray together online.
     Please click on : http://www.davidcho.com/NewEng/Default.asp
     Click the ON button by the words, "I want to be a healed." Dr. Cho's prayer.

Q : How can I receive the DCEM quarterly magazine?

A : There are two ways. You can read it online :
     or you can send a request to DCEM, asking to be added to the mailing list.

Q : Does DCEM have other language web sites in addition to English?

A : Yes, we do.
     Korean : http://www.davidcho.com/newkor/default.asp
     Japanese : http://www.davidcho.com/newjap/default.asp

Q : Does DCEM provide free English Bibles and tracts?

A : We do not have English Bibles or tracts available nor do we have a budget to help
others with literature ministries. Please check out the following web sites :

For Free English Bibles :
Rev. Rochunga Urdaite, President

For Free Samples of Gospel Tracts in English :
Mr. Ralph W. Gehr, President

On the Internet, you can find FREE Bibles and Bible Study Software Downloads
on web sites such as this: http://bibledatabase.org/html_bibles.html

Q : Can DCEM provide financial help for my ministry?

A : Dr. Cho is sorry that we do not have a budget to provide financial assistance for the
many requests he receives. However, you can be assured that we will support you with our fervent prayers. You may send your prayer requests directly to our Prayer Mountain intercessors: pray @ fgtv.com

Let us encourage you with one of Dr. Cho's personal testimonies regarding financial needs.
Dr. Cho says, "When I first pioneered my church, I had nothing, and I had to cope with great financial difficulty. Discovering the hardship I was facing, an American man offered to help me, but I refused his help. If I depended on his help, my faith may have been jeopardized, and if his assistance were cut off, I would fail. From the very beginning of my ministry when I needed funds, I knelt and prayed. When I prayed, God always provided me with what I needed. Even as I was building this large church, Yoido Full Gospel Church, I never went abroad to seek financial assistance to fund the construction. The construction of our church was completed by our church members' dependence upon God and their concerted efforts."

Q : How do I get to Yoido Full Gospel Church from Incheon International Airport?

A : Outside the airport terminal, go to bus stop 5A or 11B to take an airport limousine
bus into Seoul (at least an hour's ride). The bus ticket is 14,000 Korean won. Take the ITAEWON destination. Tell the bus driver you want to go to Seoul to Yoido, and get off at The Lexington Hotel (formerly called the New Manhattan Hotel). Yoido Full Gospel Church is directly across the street from the hotel.

Q : Can you give me information about the worship services at Yoido Full Gospel Church?
      Do you have services in English?

A : Please refer to the following files for information about our church.

Q : What Bible schools are related to your church?

A : There are three schools :
1) Hansei University (in the Korean language)
    Kyunggi-do, Korea (435-742)
    Web site : http://www.hansei.ac.kr

2) Bethesda Christian University (in Korean and English)
    Anaheim, CA, 92801, U.S.A.
    Web site : http://www.bcu.edu/english/index.php

3) Global University Korea (in Korean and English)
    Seoul, Korea
    Web site : http://my.dreamwiz.com/icikorea/

Q : Can you give me information about Prayer Mountain
      (Osanri Choi Ja-sil Memorial Fasting Prayer Mountain)?

A : Please refer to the following files for information about our Prayer Mountain :

Daily Bible
You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

1 John  4:4


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"Reading Through the Bible" is a program that encourages you to read the Bible straight through in one year. Do your best to read the following:

Through the Bible, you will receive great and mighty messages you do not know (Jeremiah 33:3).
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