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  I want to be healed.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

The Holy Spirit was Present in the Pentecostal Church Reappeared at the Crusade

It was an amazing crusade! The "Harvest Mongolia 2004" crusade set a record that increased the Christian population of Mongolia by 200 percent. During the two days, 60,000 people came to the crusade. This was more than the number that attended Mongolia's biggest traditional event of the year, Naadam.
The venue was like the place where the Holy Spirit appeared at Pentecost. Thirty thousand Mongolians were saved, and hundreds of people were healed through the two-day crusade. On the second day, Dr. Cho prayed for the sick and even the missionaries on the field were amazed by the mighty healing power of Jesus.
The news that Dr. Cho, senior pastor of the church with the largest membership in the world and also a world renowned, spiritual leader had come to Ulaanbaatar, had already been advertised several times through newspapers and broadcasting. Among the 60,000 people, a woman came with her son who had been deaf and dumb since birth, holding hope like a single thread. When he was healed, she was unable to contain her joy, shouting hallelujah with tears of joy.
The powerful healing of the Holy Spirit did not stop there. A young man who was unable to move by himself heard that Dr. Cho would come so he persuaded his family to carry him on a stretcher to the crusade.
This faith brought healing, and he stood up and went back home as a new creature in Jesus Christ! In addition, the deaf were healed, and a person in a wheelchair was healed. The continual blessings of healing by the Holy Spirit kept happening.

Influential Newspapers in Mongolia Reported About Dr. Cho

Dr. Cho arrived at the Ulaanbaatar International Airport at 11:45 p.m. on August 2 to preach at the 'Harvest Mongolia 2004' crusade.
On arrival, he had a press interview with the state-owned national broadcaster Mongolia TV, MN Channel 25, TV 5, TV 9, and four Mongolian newspapers: 'Mongolia Daily Newspaper', 'Today Newspaper', 'Mongolia News' and 'Century News'.
Dr. Cho expressed, "Mongolia is very similar to Korea, so I feel like I have come to a brother country. I couldn't wait to share the Gospel with a brother country, Mongolia." He went on to say, "I am very glad I am here.
I hope that there will be many more exchanges between our two countries.
I pray that the crusade will be a great tool to introduce and spread the Gospel to Mongolia and bring an amazing work of the Holy Spirit to the churches here."

Welcome for Dr. Cho

A breakfast meeting prepared by the Association of Mongolian Evangelism on the third of August was a time for the Mongolia Church to get new strength. Dr. Cho shared experiences from his 46-year-ministry, telling the pastors, "When you embrace the visions and dreams God gives you and go forward, God will accomplish the visions and dreams." Dr. Cho prayed that the pastors would fulfill God's calling since they know the key to church growth is their dream from God through prayer and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Dr. Cho visited Ulaanbaatar Full Gospel Church and encouraged them to do their best in their role and ministry for the Gospel in Mongolia.
In the evening, Dr. Cho had an informal meeting with missionaries, politicians in Mongolia, and diplomats from the United Kingdom, South Korea, and the Vatican who were invited to the meeting prepared by the Full Gospel Businessmen's Mission Federation from Yoido Full Gospel Church.

A Pleasant Conversation with the Mongolian President

Dr. Cho was invited to the presidential office by President Bagabandi on August 4 on the morning of the crusade. During the meeting, Dr. Cho explained about free surgical operations for those with heart disease that Yoido Full Gospel Church is providing and he promised to provide help for the desperately heart patients in Mongolia who could not be treated at the hospital because of economic difficulty. He also promised educational support. Through the Good People World Family that belongs to NGO (Nongovernmental Organization), he assured them that varied relief support activities will be unfolding in Mongolia, asking for the cooperation of the government of Mongolia for smooth processing. President Bagabandi gave his word, revealing his appreciation for Dr. Cho's visit, that there would be more peace and stability in Mongolia, economic development of the nation, and the development of a relationship between both countries. After visiting the presidential office, Dr. Cho attended a welcome lunch prepared by the Mongolian Evangelism Association and preached at the evening crusade.

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