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  I want to be healed.
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  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

66-year Ministry
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1983 Year

* January 7

Prayer Meeting for establishing the Success Club (dignitaries of society) was held at 6 p.m. in the Ballroom, Lotte Hotel. Success was established to lead the working class, the society, and the nation to God through leaders in society being core members for more effective evangelization.

* January 22

Groundbreaking service for the second expansion of the main sanctuary. Memorial Hall and Victory Hall were demolished. The new building, accommodating 1,500 people, will have three stories underground and be equipped with an interpretation room for simultaneous translation service in two languages, a telerecording studio, and a TV broadcasting room. It is to be completed by December 22.

* January 23

Dr. Cho in Florida for crusades. From 24-30 he held Orlando Church Growth Seminars for pastors during the day and a rally at night, with 40,000 people attending.

* March 23

Dr. Cho led CGI crusades in The Hague, New Jersey, and Dallas.

* April 3

Chuncheon MBC-TV (Channel 10) started broadcasting the Sunday worship service in the morning which would spread the Gospel to Chuncheon, Yangga, Chulwon, Inje, Chungsung, and Kapyung.

* May 1

Kiku, Japan TV started airing Dr. Cho's Full Gospel messages (Channel 13) from 7-7:30 a.m. every Sunday, sponsored by the American Mission (Chairman: Deacon Hyo-houn Yang).

* May 3

Announcement was made at Dr. Cho's press conference about the Social Welfare Center for needy elderly and youth as part of a seven-year plan.

* May 28

CGI Conference in America - Dr. Cho who left on May 16 returned to Korea after crusades in Los Angeles, Denver, Colorado, and Dallas, Texas.

* June 22~24

A rally was held in Yoido Full Gospel Church, with Mama Kwang guest preacher, who came from China and led 1 million souls to God through Underground Churches in China.

* June 23~24

Dr. Cho led a crusade in Mainichi Hall, Osaka for the viewers of "Invitation to Happiness."

* July 4~14

The 7th Taiwan CGI Seminar was held in the lecture hall on the 11th floor, World Mission Center with 250 participants.

* July 12

1983 International Itinerant Evangelists Conference was held for 10 days in Amsterdam with Dr. Cho as a main speaker and 4,000 evangelists from 150 countries with the theme, "Let's Work as Missionaries." It was organized by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The program included discussion sessions divided into 100 small groups and workshops.

* August 15~18

Japan Crusade for "10 Million Soul Saving Mission" was held in Fukuoka Citizens' Center and Martial Arts Hall, Tokyo with Dr. Cho and Rev. Robert Schuller of Garden Grove Crystal Cathedral in California, USA. The 4-day of Fukuoka crusade started the flame of a new Christian revival.

* August 30

Mokpo Crusade organized by Mokpo YMCA, Hanwool Wives' Club, and sponsored by Businessmen's Mission Fellowship and Men's Fellowship was held in Mokpo with Dr. Cho and 30,000 participants.

* September 14

Fasting Rally of Japanese Laymen, organized by Japan Mission, was held at Prayer Mountain for six days.

* November 9~13

New York crusade organized by CGI. Interdenominational pastors committee (Chairman: Rev. Nam-soo Kim) along with advisory members prepared this crusade in the New York region. Every night, 4,000 people participated in and in the crusades in Madison Square Garden on November 11-12. Two thousand people accepted Christ as Savior.

66-year Ministry
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