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  I want to be healed.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

66-year Ministry
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Summary of Crusades in 2005

Dr. David Cho Awarded The Family of Man Medallion

In 2005, Dr. Cho proclaimed powerfully throughout America, Asia, and Europe.

Dr. Cho was awarded The Family of Man Medallion by The Council of Churches of the City of New York (CCCNY) in Brooklyn, New York on May 18.

The Family of Man Medallion is awarded to "individuals who exemplify excellence in the use of God-given talents in the service of humankind." Since the council created the Society for the Family of Man in 1963, the Council has presented this award to recipients such as former U.S. presidents: John F. Kennedy; D. Eisenhower; Richard M. Nixon; and Jimmy Carter. The award was also presented to John D. Rockfeller III. Dr. Cho is the twenty-fifth person and the first Asian man to receive The Family of Man Medallion.

CCCNY President Calvin Butts who presented The Family of Man Medallion explained why they decided to give the award to Dr. Cho. President Butts said, "We decided to honor Dr. Cho because of his fervent efforts to preach the Gospel to the world. He planted a church with only five members in 1958, and he is still ministering to that church, which has become the biggest church in the world. He is a man of God who continues to preach the Gospel throughout the whole world, bringing many souls to Christ. He has also written inspiring Christian books."

The Love Hong Kong 2005 crusade was a mission festival of preparation for 1.3 billion souls, and 20 percent of the Christian population in Hong Kong attended. The crusade was indeed a hot pot of the Holy Spirit.

In 2005, Dr. Cho brought the message of the Gospel to ninety thousand people in seven cities and in four countries.

* March 10~11 : Vision 2005 International Leadership Conference

Dr. Cho was invited to speak for the "Vision 2005 International Leadership Conference" held at Christian Faith Center in Seattle from March 6-13 (Senior Pastors Casey and Wendy Treat).
The conference hosted by Christian Faith Center and coordinated by DCEM (David Cho Evangelistic Mission) was attended by thirty thousand people including pastors, elders, missionaries, theological students, cell group leaders, and worship leaders. They established new visions for Jesus Christ.
Dr. Cho preached on the subject, "How to Minister Effectively," and emphasized the importance of worship and fellowship. He said, "The most important thing that I've learned in church growth is the restoration of worship and fellowship. Through "Task Prayer," we can have great worship and fellowship."
In addition to Dr. Cho, conference speakers also included Casey and Wendy Treat, Ray McCauley (Rhema Church in South Africa), Brian Houston (Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia), Dr. Frederick K. C. Price, and Rick Godwin.


* May 17~19 : Church Growth and Maturity Conference
*********** & Revival 2005

"Church Growth and Maturity Conference & Revival 2005" with Dr. Cho was held at Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, New York. This two-day conference from May 18-19 was hosted by CCCNY (The Council of Churches of the City of New York) and coordinated by DCEM (David Cho Evangelistic Mission).
On May 18, Dr. Cho taught about the right heart attitude for successful ministry. He stated, "If we have faith and pray fervently and expect the working of the Holy Spirit, the church will grow." He continued, "No matter what happens in our lives, we must have a positive mind and confess our faith. Then we will have an experience of transformation."
In the mean time, Dr. Cho was awarded The Family of Man Medallion by CCCNY (The Council of Churches of New York) in Brooklyn, New York on May 18.


* June 16~17 : Love Hong Kong 2005

A message of hope was proclaimed in Hong Kong, a vital conduit of missions for China. "Love Hong Kong 2005" with Dr. Cho was held in Hong Kong Stadium located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island from June 16-17.
In spite of rain, the Holy Spirit moved in a tangible way during the crusade that was jointly organized by about 200 churches in Hong Kong. Three thousand people accepted Christ as Savior. The theme of this crusade was "Working Together for Tomorrow." Dr. Cho encouraged the Christians in Hong Kong, "Move forward in the Holy Spirit by faith."


* September 23 : 2005 Tokyo Jesus Festival

The 2005 Tokyo Jesus Festival with Dr. Cho was held on September 23, 2005 at the Tokorozawa Civic Cultural Center in Saitama-ken, advancing one step forward with the vision to win ten million Japanese to Jesus Christ.
With the theme, "Whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst" (John 4:14), the festival was coordinated by DCEM (David Cho Evangelistic Mission) and prepared by Japan Full Gospel Association and Full Gospel Tokyo Church.
Full Gospel church members scattered across Japan and people from all denominations participated in the festival held during the Japanese autumn holiday to lift up the name of Jesus.
It began with the opening address from Rev. Sung Soo Kim of Full Gospel Tokyo Church. The congregation was blessed by the special songs of praise sung by the united church choir, the children's choir of Full Gospel Tokyo Church, and by the performance of the guest orchestra, which reminded the listeners of a concert.


* October 21~22 : Mission Live Conference 2005

"Mission Live Conference 2005" with Dr. Cho was held in the Tempodrom Convention Center in Berlin from October 21-22. One hundred European Christian leaders, missionaries, worship leaders, university students, and youth participated in the conference. Dr. Cho urged Christians in Europe to walk with the Holy Spirit in order to transform the world as workers for the Gospel.
The conference was truly a mission festival organized by Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Germany, coordinated by DCEM (David Cho Evangelistic Mission). Missionaries and youth came from fifty nations including Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia, and France.
Using Psalm 103:1-5 as his text, Dr. Cho's message and testimonies captured the attention of the attendees.


* November 13 : Faith Promise Mission Sunday

Dr. Cho preached for faith promise mission Sunday at Calvary Church in Naperville on November 13.
Faith promise mission Sunday was hosted and organized by Calvary Church (Rev. Randal Ross) and coordinated by DCEM (David Cho Evangelistic Mission). Seven thousand ministers, cell group leaders, and Calvary Church members attended the two services.
The church members who filled Calvary Church responded to Dr. Cho's powerful message by clapping hands and saying 'Amen'. They had a time of excitement blessed by the fullness of the Holy Spirit.
Prior to the faith promise mission Sunday, Dr. Cho preached at Full Gospel Chicago Church (Rev. Young Joon Kim) on November 12. The meeting was organized by Full Gospel Chicago Church in cooperation with DCEM. Thirty Korean pastors and one thousand Korean residents in the Chicago area attended the meeting. The congregation prayed earnestly for the evangelism of Chicago and for unity and revival in the Korean churches. The congregation determined to live as messengers of the Gospel.


66-year Ministry
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