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  I want to be healed.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

66-year Ministry
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1987 Year

* January 6~9

Dr. Cho led a meeting in Adelaide, Australia in the House of Tabor church, organized by the Australian Full Gospel Mission Committee, with 2,000 pastors participating in the Church Growth Seminar during the day and with 30,000 additional people attending the meeting at night. In these meetings, crusades many divine healings occurred. From January 11-13, the Perth crusade was composed of a pastors' seminars during the day and a crusade at night.

* February 6

Groundbreaking ceremony for Elim Welfare Town.

* February 25

Donations from church members continued for Elim Welfare Town construction which was started February 6 to help poor youth and homeless elderly.

* March 21

Dr. Cho returned from Argentina and USA crusades. He preached on PTL-TV on March 5-6, the first time for an Oriental. The Lunar Park Crusade in Buenos Aires, Argentina was held for three days, organized by Argentina Church United. Dr. Cho also held a two-day Los Angeles crusade for Korean immigrants and many blessings occurred.

* April 8~11

Dr. Cho led crusades in America in church on the Rock, Dallas, Texas, which was a small church with 100 members in 1984 and grew to a large one with 12,000 members within three years with 3,000 pastors and 15,000 members participating. On April 14 he led a seminar and crusade in Jubilee Christian Church, San Jose with 2,000 members participating.

* May 13~16

Dr. Cho held an Australian crusade in Brisbane. Seminars for pastors during the day and a crusade for everyone were held under the theme "Powerful Pastoral Duties During the Latter Days" with 1,000 interdenominational delegates. Dr. Cho preached a sermon titled "Change in Your Mind, Change Pastoral Duties." Under the theme, A "Happy Life with the Holy Spirit," the night crusade was attended by over 5,000 people. From May 17-19 in Sydney, a crusade for Korean immigrants was held to strengthen their faith and reunite Korean society in Australia.

* June 2

Dr. Cho led Tokyo and Yokohama crusades organized by the "Kwandong-Area 10 Million Soul Saving Mission." The Yokohama crusade was held in Kanesawa Town Hall and the Tokyo crusade in Hibya Town Hall with 2,000 pastors and 6,000 people participating in each.

* June 24~25

Dr. Cho preached in the South Bend crusade, and in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA organized by the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association with 5,000 pastors and 20,000 laymembers. From May 27-30 another crusade organized by Dr. Summeral's Evangelistic Association in South Bend was also broadcast all over the Chicago area.

* July 7~13

The 8th CGI Conference was held in the main sanctuary organized by CGI with 700 pastors from 35 countries attending and the main speakers were Dr. Cho, Peter Wagner, and Robert Schuller, while other speakers were Dan Beller of the USA, Guinton Edwards of Canada, Reginald Klimionak of Australia, Robert Lim of Singapore, Stanley Sjoberg of Sweden.

* August 6

Dr. Cho successfully held a Cheju crusade in Halla Gym, organized by the Businessmen's Mission Fellowship, and the people decided to be evangelists for Christ. His crusade encouraged the unification of Cheju churches.

* September 16~17

Dr. Cho held the Osaka crusade for the viewers and listeners of the program "Invitation to Happiness," organized by the Japanese Evangelists Association, in Mainichi Hall, Osaka with 30,000 people participating

* October 3

The Prayer Meeting for the Nation, which provided opportunities of repentance and national salvation, was held at 2 p.m. on Yoido Plaza with one million people participating.

* October 6

Dr. Cho's Japan crusade organized by the Japanese Gospel Mission was held in Woorano Citizens' Center, Okinawa with the theme "The Time for the Savior is Now." The meeting's purpose was to unify pastors interdenominationally in the Okinawa region. Japanese as well as American military families attended the crusade to support the 10 Million Japanese Soul Saving Mission.

* November 13

Dr. Cho returned from his USA mission organized by CGI. In Los Angeles he gave a special lecture in Bethesda Theological College on November 1 and led a pastoral training session and a crusade in Chicago on November 4-5. Organized by Chicago Church Union, 3,000 pastors and 10,000 people participated in the meeting.

* From 8-10

Dr. Cho held a pastoral seminar during the day and a crusade at night in Greenville, South Carolina with 5,000 pastors and attendees. On the 11th, he held a crusade organized by Rev. Jack Hayford with 5,000 people participating; many people were healed.

* November 17~19

Dr. Cho held a Taiwan crusade organized by East Christian Prayer Meeting and Taiwan Christian Union. It was held in Choongwi-ro Gymnasium, Daenam city along with Wharyon Hyun Independence Church with the theme, "Arise Church to Preach the Gospel," It was an interdenominational fasting rally to unify Taiwanese pastors with 1,000 pastors and 3,000 lay members participating. In the Daenam meeting, 2,000 pastors and 8,000 lay members participated. On November 16 a welcoming party was held for Dr. Cho, pastors, and lay people.

* December 19

Dr. Cho held two weeks of crusades in the USA which were organized by CGI. On December 7 in Los Angeles he gave a special lecture in Bethesda Seminary. From December 9-11 he held a seminar and crusade for 2,000 pastors and 5,000 members in Christian Center Church, Orlando, Florida (Rev. Benny Hinn). From December 13-15 he held seminars for pastors during the day and a crusade at night in Victory Assembly (Rev. F. Bailey), New Orleans with 3,000 pastors and 8,000 members participating. Many people were healed.

66-year Ministry
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