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  I want to be healed.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

66-year Ministry
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1985 Year

* January 17~18

Japan Church Growth Seminar was held in Woosnomia Education Center, Dochiki with Dr. Cho and Rev. Hon Bai as speakers.

* January 23

Military and Police Crusade, organized by Military & Police Mission, and Businessmen's Mission Fellowship was held with 1,500 participants in Paul Chapel. Dr. Cho was the speaker.

* February 17

Homesick prayer meeting of Communist Bloc Mission at Imjinkak with 2,000 North Korean-born members, with 50 full buses.

* March 11

CGI Seminar in America was held in Dallas and San Francisco, until March 19, for two days in a Korean church in San Francisco, and for a week in a Pentecostal Baptist Church in Dallas.

* April 7

Easter worship service was held from 5:30-6:30 in Yoido Plaza as a united church event commemoration, and as the 100th year of Christianity arriving in Korea by Henry G. Appenzeller, missionary to Korea. The interdenominational event was participated in by 1 million Christians and churches supporting the occasion by sending 1,000 guides, 1,000 volunteers, and speaker equipment was provided in the plaza.

* May 14

American senators promised to give support to Dr. Cho for the problem of North Korean disturbance during the 1988 Olympics when he called the Senate with American church leaders. Senator William Armstrong, Republican policy maker Tony Hall and Anny Wood and other White House staff promised firm support. He also had a discussion with Pat Roberston, a presidential candidate who is the president of CBN-TV.

* June 23

AFKN-TV signed an agreement to air Dr. Cho's sermons biweekly from July sponsored by Success Club Mission.

* July 1

Dr. Cho's program telecast in China from 7:45 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. everyday through Asia Broadcasting Station (Frequency: AM 1566KHZ, 250KW). This program was sponsored by Communist Bloc Mission for evangelization of the communist bloc.

* September 7

Dr. Cho visited the Holt Children's Welfare Service and Hope Village Elders' Shelter, donated 100 million won for gym construction for the disabled, and promised to open a sales corner in the church for handicraft goods that they made.

* September 24~27

Dr. Cho held a crusade in Las Palmas Full Gospel Church (Rev. Chung-bong Lee) with 1,500 members participating everyday. He held a Church Growth seminar for pastors in the morning and a meeting for laymen in the afternoon. Dr. Cho, after holding a crusade in Madrid Full Gospel Church on the 29th, returned to Korea on October 3.

* October 1

In the October edition of the Monthly Chosun Magazine, the special section series "Humans with Special Abilities" was about Dr. Cho. Reporters of the monthly Chosun accompanied Dr. Cho for ten days to gather material for their future articles to be published in their magazine.

* October 3

Pastor Jasil Choi's retirement ceremony was held from 6-8 p.m. in the main sanctuary with 20,000 attending. Rev. Chang-whan Kim preached, and Dr. Cho gave her an appreciation plaque.

* October 10~11

Chunju Crusade organized by Chunju Gospel Mission (Chairman: Rev. Bok-ryang Chung, Chungsung Church), invited Dr. Cho for two days to Chunju Dukchin Sports Complex. Under the theme, "Wake Up and Be Enlightened," this crusade was the largest so far, was attended by the 250 Interdenominational Pastors' Planning Committee, 2,000 guides, 1,000 church choir members, laymen, youth, and students.

* October 16~18

The Okinawa Crusade with the theme, "Let's Lead 100,000 Okinawans to God," was held with 1,500 people attending everyday, a recordbreaking phenomenon in which a total of 4,500 people gathered.

* October 28-November 6

Dr. Cho's crusades in America were held in Angelus Temple in Los Angeles from October 28-30 for Korean residents. In the Los Angeles crusade, 13,000 members participated every day and prayed for our nation. From November 2-6, Dr. Cho led a Church Growth Seminar during the day and a crusade at night in Victory Christian Center and Evangel Temple in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In the Tulsa crusade, Dr. Cho preached in English and 5,000 people attended the crusade every night where many were saved and divine healing took place. It reminded people of the Early Church days.

* November 18~22

Japanese Crusade by Dr. Cho, Chang-whan Kim, and the Japanese Mission was held in the Social Cultural Center, Tokyo and Sunam University Conference Hall, Fukuoka, with a total of 4,000 people.
In the CGI Seminar, Dr. Cho and Rev. Kim of Suwon Central Baptist Church made live confessions of the descent of the Holy Spirit which occurred on the mission sites and received a welcome response from participants.

* December 21

Blessing Prayer Meeting for recuperation of open heart surgery children at 10:00 a.m. on the 13th floor of the Mission Center with 122 children and parents attending.

* December 31

Attained 500,000 membership.

66-year Ministry
   Photo Gallery   1958 ~ 1970   1971 ~ 1980
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