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  I want to be healed.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

66-year Ministry
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2002 Year

Dr. Cho's overseas crusades during the year 2002 were estimated to have gained historically the greatest harvest in West Africa and India where the power of Gospel was weak. We also noticed that the missionaries from Yoido Full Gospel Church were doing their ministry successfully.

* February 6~7 : Sixth PFI (Pentecostal Fellowship of India) National
*************Conference 2002 Pune

It was quite exceptional for many Brahmans (priests and scholars) to attend the crusade. Around 100,000 people attended for two days.


* March 12~14 : 'Dr. David Yonggi Cho Crusade for Spiritual
*************Awakening' in Chicago

The Korean Churches Federation of Greater Chicago hosted the crusade. Around 6,000 people attended for three days.


* May 4~6 : Dr. Cho's Seattle Meetings (U.S.A)

Dr. Cho visited Seattle to preach at the Northwest College 66th Commencement, including a Sunday morning service at The City Church, an evening service at Christian Faith Center, and for the 2002 Global Strategy Conference at The City Church.


* May 15~16 : Korean Conference in London,"From London to the
*********** World"

The crusade was hosted by London Full Gospel Church. It was for European missionaries and Christians in London, including students studying abroad in London. Dr. Cho preached about church growth at the leadership seminar.


* July 2~5 : Dr. Cho's Indonesia Meetings

Dr. Cho preached for the groundbreaking ceremony for the new church building for Mawar Saron Bethel Church in Jakarta, including the 2002 International Church Growth Seminar at Bethany Church of God in Surabaya, for the ninth anniversary service' at Ekklesia Full Gospel Church in Malang, and for the dedication service for their Christian education building. It gave opportunity to notice the successful ministry of missionaries from Yoido Full Gospel Church.


* August 9~10 : Nigeria 2002 Great Crusade

The crusade was hosted by interdenominational churches in Nigeria. Two million people attended the crusade for two nights. It was recorded as a rare event because historically it was the biggest rally ever held in Nigeria.


* September 8 : Celebration Commemorating 30 Years of Ministry
************ of Rev. Gunneratnam at Calvary Church in Kuala
************ Lumpur, Malaysia


* October 14 : 2002 Tokyo Jesus Festival & a Prayer Breakfast *********** Hosted by DCEM Asia Department

Three thousand people attended the 2002 Tokyo Jesus Festival at the Hibiya Civic Auditorium to strengthen their faith in the Full Gospel. In the morning, about 700 DCEM support group members from all areas of Japan attended the prayer breakfast at the Akasaka Prince Hotel.


* November 14~16 : The Hope of Honduras is Jesus, in Tegucigalpa,

The crusade was hosted by the Assemblies of God in Honduras. Dr. Cho preached for the two-night crusade, including a morning seminar November 14, and for a Sunday service in Rev. Lopez' church. He preached to 100,000 people who gathered during the four days.

* November 19~20 : Church Growth Seminar for Pastors and
****************Leaders in San Salvador, El Salvador

The seminar was hosted by Elim Church. About 15,000 people attended for the two nights. The significant results confirm new possibilities for church growth in Central and South America.


66-year Ministry
   Photo Gallery   1958 ~ 1970   1971 ~ 1980
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