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  I want to be healed.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

66-year Ministry
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1986 Year

* January 18

Dr. Cho returned after leading the Australian Crusade from 9-12 at Paradise Assembly of God Church in Adelaide, pastored by Andrew Evans, sponsored by CGI and organized by Australia Evangelization Committee. This "South Australia 150th Special Anniversary Crusade" was attended by 17,000 interdenominational people everyday. The "Crusade for Korean-Born Residents" in Sydney Full Gospel Church attracted 2,000 Korean people January 14-15, an overflowing crowd.

* February 25

Dr. Cho's 10-minute telephone sermon line was opened with prayer by Dr. Cho at a ribbon-cutting ceremony, a 10-minute telephone message, a briefing on automatic answering machine and operation management, and Dr. Cho's encouraging remarks.

* March 13

"10 million Japanese Soul Saving Prayer Meeting" organized by the Japanese Mission at 7-9 p.m. in the main sanctuary with 20,000 members participating.

* March 20

Dr. Cho held the Montgomery Crusade organized by the American League of Prayer, with 15,000 church leaders and people from all over the United States. Dr. Cho also led crusades in North Carolina, Louisiana, and Texas, and returned home on March 29.

* April 13

Dr. Cho's English translation of Prayer: Key to Revival was chosen as the book of the year by the British Christian Publishing Association. Editor Noel Healthy of World Publishing Co, a prestigious British Publishing firm, visited Yoido Church and met with Dr. Cho where he notified him of their selection, and gave Dr. Cho a leather-covered book.

* June 15

Dr. Cho held a crusade in Bethel Church, San Jose, California organized by CGI for Korean and American people. He also led meetings in the morning and afternoon in the Mabee Center at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma with 15,000 attending. He held a rally titled, "Meeting Pastoral Duties Based on the Bible," targeting pastors in the USA and inviting 27 leaders of the Holy Spirit Movement, including Oral Roberts and Kenneth Copeland.

* July 5

Dr. Cho held crusades in Dochiki and Tokyo, Japan. From July 1-2 he held a crusade in the Youth Center, Dochiki Usnomiya city with 300 pastors and 2,000 people participating. From July 3-4 Dr. Cho held the Tokyo Crusade with 3,000 members participating. Many repented, and divine healing occurred.

* August 13~18

The 5th Japanese Members' Visit to Korea, organized by the Japan and Asia Mission, was held at International Prayer Mountain. Besides Japanese members, 400 from Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia also participated in this occasion which was a milestone for the Japan and Asia Mission.

* October 17

Dr. Cho returned to Korea after crusades in America. Under the theme, "Let's learn about the growth and prayer of Korean churches," CGI held the crusade in the USA with thousands of people participating. In Portland, 3,000 pastors and 10,000 members participated and experienced the new church blessing. In the New Orleans crusade, 10,000 others and 70,000 others attended the meeting, and many cases of divine healing occurred. In the New York crusade for Korean immigrants, 10,000 participated and received stronger faith through the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

* November 23

Dr. Cho's USA meetings organized by CGI were held in Los Angeles, Denver, and Seattle. In Happy Church, the Pastors' Seminar and Crusade was held with 3,000 pastors and 6,000 others participating for three days. In Seattle Christian Faith Center, a meeting was held with 3,000 pastors and 10,000 members participating. During this rally, many cases of divine healing occurred. After the meeting, Rev. Casey Treat said that Dr. Cho's One Hour Prayer a Day Movement was spreading in the USA.

* December 10~12

Dr. Cho's Taiwan crusade was held in the Taiwanese Gymnasium with 60,000 people attending, which was the largest crusade in Taiwan's history. The occasion which was a part of the Christmas celebration, stopped the earthquake, which had been occurring for a few days. It resulted in several thousand believers, and many people were blessed. It became the focus of people's attention. The Church Growth Seminar in Wiridang Church was held with 3,000 pastors and the organizer saw this occasion as a door opening for the mission in Taiwan and wanted to invite Dr. Cho again next year.

* December 23

Christian worship service for children who had open heart surgery was held in Ephesus Chapel for 122 children, together with their parents and doctors.

66-year Ministry
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